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Högskolan Kristianstads Idrottsförening
Join us!
What we offer:
  • Membership in HKIF only costs 200 SEK per semester and can be purchased online.
  • Access to 28 hours of training each week.
  • 11 different activities
  • Free try-out period in the beginning of each term
  • Opportunity to participate in the events that we organize at a reasonable price
  • You can try all of our activities once before we require a valid membership


By becoming a member you approve that harmless information that will not hurt or violate individuals, groups or teams such as name, picture, statistics etc. will be published on our webpage and social media. If you do not want us to publish this information please send an e-mail to

Application to the University of Kristianstad Idrottsförening
Registration to Högskolans Kristianstad Idrottsförening takes place via website.

Payment is made by card. Confirmation of booking will be sent by email as soon as the booking is completed.

According to the associations statutes, members are liable to pay membership fees and other fees decided by the association. Membership fee is determined by the annual meeting.

Membership is personal
Membership is linked to your social security number, and membership is thus personal.

Activation of membership
Membership is activated after completion of payment.

The date of the start / end date is stated at the time of booking and in the confirmation. Training is delivered according to the groups exposed start date.
Return Policy
● Within 14 days of booking, any cancellation must be announced
● Cancellation notice must be submitted in writing to the association
● Cancellation notice must contain your personal information and information about the course / group you are registerd to.

Repayment after the 14 days withdrawal period is only for sickness and must be certified by a doctor.

You are always welcome to contact if you have questions.