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Högskolan Kristianstads Idrottsförening
Join the board

is a non-profit association with an elected board where each board member has been voted in by the associations members.
To see what positions we have, click here.

The election of board members takes place during the annual meeting held each year in February. The board members have their position for one year. You can, however, apply for a re-election.


HKIF has an electing committee, that takes care of all applications to the board. The electing committee recommends the voting members who they think are well suited for next years board. You can however recommend yourself at the annual meeting.

If you want to join the board, send an application to the Election Commitee at

HKIF also votes in new boardmembers as needed.

Available board position:

  • Treasurer
  • Vice Treasurer 
  • Marketing manager
  • Social Media Manager